North Street EcoDistrict (NSTED, pronounced “instead” as in a place where "instead of….")

  • not knowing neighbors, 
  • high coal fired utility bills,
  • driving everywhere, 
  • not sharing and overspending on stuff


Communities are quickly turning into isolated and fragmented homes removed from the greater web of support. This puts a greater strain on households, resources and the environment. Let's live into a model that increases community vitality, opportunities for homeowners to earn income while meeting work force housing affordability and sustainability goals in the existing neighborhood context.

 Benefits for Absentee owners: potential to maintain or increase rental income providing opportunity to modify or enlarge existing units and/or add additional units (not possible now with previous downzoning of their grandfathered density) while serving the community.

 Benefits for Owner Occupied owners: provide an alternative income path that increases current income, creates a more vital, beautiful community, saves transportation expenses provides opportunity to age in place or offer housing to adult children.

 Benefits for Renters: provides home ownership opportunities and/or rent moderation, saves transportation expenses, and great neighborhood quality. If interested in ownership, they get on a community waiting list and perhaps pay a deposit to indicate seriousness.


“Co-housing lite”; an eco community retrofit with super efficient buildings, High-PV, low-car, high bike ownership and more fun resident get-togethers,  sharing economy initiatives, more gardening, and child/wildlife friendly (woonerf) street and landscape.

There will be no obligation in this Pilot for existing owners, absentee or on site, to do anything new except participation in the EcoMobility plan/parking plan. There may be joint obligations as decided by all for common infrastructure. Potential density bonuses and subsequent deed restrictions present an optional income path to the current one of selling for market price. Goose Creek Neighborhoods may  seek to acquire and redevelop some of the absentee owned buildings and redevelop them to create permanently affordable mixed income housing.


Owners and tenants and perhaps GCN (if involved as a land trust) will organize activities and enforce car/parking/noise agreements, interact with the City and handle any disputes.We are exploring the benefits and guidance of becoming an EcoDistrict. 

What Success Looks Like:

Success can take many physical and social forms but will be evaluated based off of the following EcoDistrict goal areas: place, prosperity, health + wellness, connectivity, living infrastructure and resource protection.

Learn more about these goals and their objectives and indicators.